CDH Engineering Solutions provides cost-effective vehicular parking solutions for various applications. We represent the world acclaimed Parkmatic vehicle storage system in West Africa.


We believe that our clients can have the best of all worlds: Creative Design, Cost Efficiency and Exceptional Client Service.


Our company is focused on two areas: Maximum parking efficiency  at the most cost savings for our clients. As such, we continually expand our knowledge of state-of-the-art fully automated and mechanically vehicle storage systems.


Our people are the key to designing world class parking systems. Our team of seasoned professionals is large enough to handle major complex projects, while at the same time getting to know our clients intimately, listening to their needs and delivering on our promises.


We are nimble enough to work on complicated high-rise buildings as well as smaller renovations and everything in-between.  Partnering with CDH Engineering Solutions and getting results is really quite simple: We listen. We respond. We deliver.

We have the capacity and ability to deploy Parkmatic in many sectors, including:


•   Airports

•   Stadia

•   Hospitals

•   Office Towers

•   Schools / Universities

•   Government Offices

•   Residential Areas, etc

Mechanical Systems

Automated Systems

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